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Articles relating to Predator

Mucho mokita. Rod Henton

Mucho what?.

Size matters? Rod Henton

How big?

Marie Curie Cup Report Guest Contributor

A premier predator match raised more than ?1000 for cancer charity - despite being called off after just two hours.

Visit Alberta - Part 2 -Canadian Pike on the fly Martin James

Canadian Pike on the fly

The Martin James Report Martin James

From around the country

Go Chase The Pike With A Fly. Part 2 Martin James

part 2

Go Chase The Pike With A Fly - Part1 Martin James

Martin brings out the big guns

Predator & Game Fishing in Sweden, June 2002 Jon Greenwood

One chance left?

Carpers Diary 04/03/02? JOHN YOUNG John Young

There's still a chance of a 30lb croc, so it's back to the river..

The Real River Piker Wayne Littley

Wayne fishes for fast river snappers - here's how he does it?

New swims and more learning - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

When chubbing, you are never too old to learn..

Carpers Diary 25/02/02 ? JOHN YOUNG John Young

With big pike up for grabs, John and Gary head for the river

Carpers Diary 18/02/02 ? JOHN YOUNG John Young

Looking for a 30lb Thames pike and awaiting a break in the cold snap for a carp trip, John and Gary find a pike hot-spot.

Carpers Diary 18/02/02 ? JOHN YOUNG John Young

Looking for a 30lb Thames pike and awaiting a break in the cold snap for a carp trip, John and Gary find a pike hot-spot.

Carpers Diary 11/02/02 ? JOHN YOUNG John Young

Back to the Summer venue for the carp and an encounter with a Thames pike

Carpers Diary 4/02/02 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

John gets into some decent doubles, both carp and pike

Carpers Diary 14/01/02 ? JOHN YOUNG John Young

Frustrated by frozen lakes, John puts his pike-head on again.

Killing machines Clive Gammon

Sharks. How boring!

At last, a Hammerhead! Dave Steuart

Dave looks back on sharking through the last half century and comes to some decisions

Global warming and pike safety Paul Garner

What it says on the tin!

Sight Fishing for Pike Chris Gardner

Chris tries a different approach from the norm for the toothy gnashers.

Carp Diary 3/12/01 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

John drops the boilies and sets off for a spot of pike fishing

Monster Pike - In Jig Time Eric Edwards

Two pike for a total of 79lb in one day? It happened to Eric!

How to catch your first zander Bill Rushmer

In some areas there are lots of them - in the SE, not so many. Bill put's you on the right road for that first zed.

Another week in search of French Pussy Harold Taverner.

Harold has a birthday party on a french lake. The guests include pussy galore

Sharks... I like 'em! Dave Steuart

Tropical makos or Cornish blues, Dave likes the lot

Things we don?t do anymore Dave Steuart

"Come gather round people, wherever you roam.."

Centrepin Fishing ? Part 1 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

Centrepin uses

Fly Fishing With Martin James Martin James

Pike on the flyrod!

Lures and Allures : Putting it all together Geoff Maynard

All rise!

Like Fishing in a Fan Oven: Nile Perch Steven Mills

The monsters of Lake Nasser

I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas Eric Edwards

A novel approach to canal piking

SS Hooks. Time for a change. Geoff Maynard


The Changing Face of Pike Fishing Eric Edwards

The new venues for the whoppers

D.I.Y. Spinners Andy Mann

Make your own

TROUTWEEK: Pike on the Fly - MARTIN COTTIS Martin Cottis

Chew has some huge pike - tackle one on a fly rod

Rigs? Who needs 'em! Martin Gay

It is NOT rigs that catch fish

Doing the Derg - DAVE THOMAS Dave Thomas

The Walton PAC journey to Eire

A week in the life of a pike angler - NEIL DEPLEDGE Neil Depledge

Neil has a busy week

Short session piking - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

How to get the most out of a short time piking

Flash-Backs Dave Steuart

Dave thinks back to the pike trips of yesteryear

American Adventures - Part three Geoff Maynard

Chasing Musky

Testing Tackle on Fenland Pike Geoff Maynard

New products get a checking over in a real-fishing situation

Better Piking Part IV Lure Fishing Mark Ackerley

The popularity of lure fishing for pike just seems to grow and grow!

TROUTWEEK: Chew Pike and the Annual Address - MARTIN COTTIS Martin Cottis

Trout and pike make poor bedfellows - unless you're a pike!

Better Piking Part III : Rigs and Terminal Tackle Mark Ackerley

Rigs anbd terminal tackle

Amur Pike John Bailey

Mongolian predators

Better Piking Part II - Pike Tackle Mark Ackerley

Pike tackle, what to choose and where to get it.

Better Piking Pt1 Mark Ackerley

Improve your skills.

More Than Meets The Eye Martin Gay

Nile Perch - plan the trip well. Here's how.

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