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Articles relating to Humour

Back from my hols? Rod Henton

Trying old baits

Lies, Damn lies and statistics Rod Henton

Stuff and statistics

Mucho mokita. Rod Henton

Mucho what?.

The Christmas Ghost story.. Rod Henton

Keeping the tradition alive..

The Coarse Angler?s McNab Jason Inskip


Size matters? Rod Henton

How big?

Let?s ban fishing! Rod Henton

Rods gets religion.

Problem solved.... Rod Henton

If it ain't broke..

Back on the soapbox! Rod Henton

Foxes and Fun

A Totally Mental Approach Rod Henton

Rod gets reality!

The Contemplative Man's Recreation Clive Gammon

Clive Gammon contemplates getting nicked...again!

Perch ponds and warm breasts Jason Inskip

Hilarious adolescent angling memories.

Perch ponds and warm breasts Jason Inskip

Hilarious adolescent angling memories - this is a 'must read'.

Sweden Pt 2 - Arctic char and jam. Clive Gammon

Clive aims for a char and comes to a sticky end

The water closet Jason Inskip

Jason ponders that eternal question "How do you go to the toilet in space?"

Rod's Reality Carping: A Prescription for Depression Rod Henton

Rod needs therapy!

Reality Carping: Good guys never win. Rod Henton

More fun and frolics

Reality Carping; More Philosophy Rod Henton

Oh oh - Now what's he up to?

Reality Angling: Carp - Just do it! Rod Henton

More philosophical ramblings from the bad boy of angling

Reality Angling: Smelling the Roses Rod Henton

Have a smile..

Murphy and The Mayfly Again Roger Linn

Fun in Eire again!

The Horse Gudgeon Scam Chris Yates

Hi ho Barbus!

Walker was Right John Olliff-Cooper

If music be the bait of fish...??

With Murphy On The Corrib Roger Linn

Prepare for a laugh or two as we go visit Eire

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